Board Members

Our Mission

Uniting the delivery of services provided at a center dedicated to restoring St. Johns County’s homeless to self-sufficiency.

Our Objectives

We continue to partner with all agencies to continue to improve efficiency, reduce duplication, and “fill in” the gaps as identified.

Reduce the costs incurred by local healthcare, law enforcement, and government, thereby reducing the economic impact on the community.

Provide services that address the gaps of what is needed today with Dining with Dignity, resource and referral, case management, employment-related services, showers, laundry, and more.

Troy Blevins
Mike Davis
Vice President
Michael Biance
Nancy O’Byrne
Board Secretary
Ellen Walden
Executive Director
Alex Najarian
Legal Advisor
Jonathan Eisler
Board Member
Richard M. LaVista
Board Member
Monica Ortiz-Sanchez
Board Member
Justin Dolan
Board Member
Bill Dudly
Board Member
Very Rev John Tetlow
Board Member
Rachel Fulghum
Homeless Prevention Specialist
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