Drew Sappington — Board Member

Drew is a clinical psychologist, a researcher, a university professor–and a storyteller. My publications include one textbook, forty articles in peer-reviewed professional journals, a book of humorous but true stories from history for the general public, and a number of pieces in newspapers/small magazines (including The Upper Room). Drew loves to tell stories on stage at folk festivals and in theaters. His job settings have included mental hospitals, clinics, and prisons as well as universities.

Drew Sappington 
Licensed Psychologist, Retired Educator 
5131 Shore Drive St Augustine, Fl 32086 

Founded in 2011, Home Again St. Johns is a non-profit organization coordinating a multi-agency system to positively effect and alleviate homelessness in St. Johns County through the active engagement of those residents experiencing homelessness: individuals, families, veterans, and as well as the community as a whole, working together in supporting their return to self-sufficiency.

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