Jonathan Eisler – Board Member

Jonathan helps organizations articulate their goals then build, grow and retain winning teams that achieve results that matter. He oversees Perspectives’ mission to help more and more companies support their employees’ mental, emotional and overall wellbeing. Jonathan brings experience in clinical psychology, interpersonal coaching, human resources, organizational development, survey design and analysis, leadership training, program design, and team development.

His passion for giving back and helping improve the lives of others has motivated Jonathan to volunteer with the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, be elected as President of the Association of Consultants to Nonprofits and serve on various committees and boards, including Home Again St. Johns and the Chicagoland chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. As part of his passion for helping today’s youth succeed in school and beyond, he actively volunteers his time to iMentor Chicago and LINK Unlimited.

The energy Jonathan brings to supporting the teams he works and organizations he volunteers with is based on the same philosophy he follows outside of the office: Live life to the fullest without entertaining ideas like “someday,” “later” or “should.” He spends his time in Chicago, Arizona and Florida with his wife and their Jack Russell Terriers, travels the world as often as he can, thrives on new experiences, plays guitar and loves extreme sports.

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