Michael Biance — Treasurer

Through the course of his career, Michael has had the opportunity to work with many communities, both on the county, state, university and international levels.

Michael earned a bachelor’s degree in Scholastic Philosophy in 1969,and his master’s degree in Administration and Supervision of Education in 1973. He completed Doctorate and some Postdoctoral coursework at Peabody College, Vanderbilt University in 1985, and Florida State University, 1994. He has held many leadership positions in the public-school systems throughout Florida over the years. He has held positions ranging from Teacher, Principal, Associate Superintendent, Associate Professor to Program Coordinator, Executive Director Florida Commission on Education Reform and Accountability, United Nations Royal Thai of Education in Thailand, to name a few.

Michael spent four years in the seminary in South Florida. During his time at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, he worked with the homeless and underprivileged, which prepared him to help communities he would later serve. His knowledge of Florida’s educational system, public policy, and background in finance and data analysis, bring a wealth of experience and perspective to the Home Again Board. Michael has been a resident of St. Johns County for eleven years and to ten grandchildren.

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