Officers Fischer & Drouin — Board Members

City of St Augustine Police Representative Outreach

Officer Drouin has been with the SAPD for six years and she is a mother to three adult children. She is passionate about helping others and enjoys the challenges of finding the perfect resources for individual subjects she comes in contact with during her shifts.

Officer Fisher has been in law enforcement for 22 years and is a dad to an adult child. He likes to think “outside of the box” to find solutions for our homeless.

City of St Augustine Police 
Representative Outreach Officers Fischer or Drouin 
151 King Street St Augustine, Fl 32084 

Founded in 2011, Home Again St. Johns is a non-profit organization coordinating a multi-agency system to positively effect and alleviate homelessness in St. Johns County through the active engagement of those residents experiencing homelessness: individuals, families, veterans, and as well as the community as a whole, working together in supporting their return to self-sufficiency.

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