Dining With Dignity

The meal program requires volunteers to procure, prepare, and serve nutritious meals 365 days a year. Meals are currently served at Home Again’s location at 285 S Holmes Blvd, Saint Augustine, FL, United States, Florida. 
The diligent efforts of 40 faith-based and community groups have allowed Dining with Dignity to thrive, but volunteers are always needed and welcome.  

Drop In Center

MWF: 9-5
Tuesday: 9-1 
The services offered through the drop-in center are vital to rehabilitating homeless individuals and families. These services include: 
Assistance with applications for state/federal benefits (I.e. food stamps, SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, unemployment)
Employment-related needs (I.e. job search, resume assistance)
Case Management & personalized assistance
Showers & Laundry Services
Home Again was able to open the drop-in center in 2014 through gracious volunteer support and grant funding provided by Home Depot. 

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