St. Augustine Giving Day — Home Again St. Johns

Today, May 6th we will be joining many non-profits to encourage generosity in support of our organizations that help others in our community in need! Those of you who wish to donate is is greatly appreciated!

On this 2nd Annual St Augustine Giving Day, Home Again St Johns honors the memory of Bob Gorman.

During the inaugural #StAugGivingDay, we received a very generous donation from his sister. Bob struggled with mental illness and last lived in St Augustine which is where he had a massive heart attack at 51 and passed away at 53 from congestive heart failure. He was kind, educated, and was not a drug or alcohol user. Sadly, his sister tried to find him but was unable to do so. Eventually, her niece found him through death records on

We all have a story and some of us have had bad luck, abuse, mental illness, homelessness and other life experiences that we may not recover from. Here at Home Again it’s about rebuilding hope and assisting them to access the resources they need to stabilize. Help us bring that hope back to them by providing us with donations to help us continue our work here!

Please consider a donation of any amount between Wednesday, May 6 at 12AM until 11:59PM.

Click on the link below to go to our page!

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